We all face things in life that hold us back. This class will help identify and overcome any obstacles that stand in our way of fully responding to God, and fulfilling the destiny for which we were created. We will also discover our identity in Christ and how we can be an influence in the lives of others. This class is a 4-week course led by our North Campus Pastor, Rick Mitchell.


The road of life brings sharp turns, occasional pot holes, and decisions to navigate that can be overwhelming. This six-week Bible study lead by one our Executive Pastors, Paige Allen, is your road trip invitation, to take a deeper look at what it means to trust God. By diving into some of Scripture's most famous stories and paralleling them with your own journey, you will be challenged and inspired to live the adventure-filled life that God intends.


Have you ever wanted to take a deep dive into just a few characters in God’s word? Have you ever wondered what a bunch of siblings might have acted like right in the direct presence of Jesus? Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the character of Jesus in some new and meaningful ways as we study the resurrection of Lazarus together. Let’s get a glimpse of Jesus’ interactions with sisters who have opposite personalities but grew up under the same roof. As we discover or rediscover a beautiful section of scripture together, know it is your heart that we prayed over as we wrote and studied.