Freedom Class

Join us as Pastor Rick shares Biblical principals on how you can find freedom through a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ. This is a ministry for everyone who wants to mature in their walk with Christ and fulfill the destiny for which they were created.

Freedom Class #1

Develop tools to be Kingdom-focused, not problem-focused as we learn to hear from God to break strongholds which are patterns of wrong thinking and to stop believing the lies of the enemy.

Freedom Class #2

What does God say about your shame? How can you walk in freedom when you are filled with fear? Shame and fear are evil task masters who keep us in a cycle of harmful behavior that only the truth can stop. Learn the tools to break free of the cylce.

Freedom Class #3

Break free of the deadly chains of unforgiveness. Throughout the Bible, God urges to forgive those who hurt us, but why is it so important? 

Freedom Class #4

Join as we break through emotional wounds we carry with us from childhood. While our parents did the best they knew how to, many of us walk around with mother and father wounds that need to be healed for us to move forward victoriously.