Adopt Lubbock Families

For the last month, we have been creating a process to onboard Adopt Lubbock families. While we will probably always continue to adjust our systems to best meet your needs, we’re excited to officially open our Adopt Lubbock ministry to start processing families. This onboarding process allows us to gain essential information about you and where you’re at on your adoption journey.

To apply, you will need a few things:
  • Picture of your family
  • If you have a Home Study complete, we will need that at some point as well.
  • Once you apply, we’ll send you a pastoral reference form to have your local pastor send back to us. 

Benefits of being a part of our Adopt Lubbock Family
  • Support system 
  • Help with financial grants 
  • Counseling resources 
  • Assigned care team to your family
  • Bridging the gap between children in need and the families that need them